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Hengrui Ceramic Fiber Board



Products Introduction

Hengrui ceramic fiber board is made by using Hengrui ceramic fiber and a little binding agent through vacuum forming. Hengrui ceramic fiber board can maintain its mechanical strength after high-temperature heating, and the board includes 6 levels: 1050℃, 1260℃, 1350℃, 1430℃, 1600℃, and 1700℃. Hengrui ceramic fiber board can resist the scouring of airflow for its high strength, so it can be the material of internal linings.In some thermal equipment, when burned,the organic binder in board will be smoke and smell out,this is a normal phenomenon, the smoke will soon dissipate.

The usability of hydrophobic ceramic fiber board is really good under the condition of high moisture. Hengrui ceramic fiber board has excellent hydrophobicity after processing by specific techniques.

Hengrui hardening ceramic fiber board is a high hardness of refractory fiber board, There are three types of products with surface hardening, severe hardening and soaking hardening.which can be used in high mechanical strength requirements of the 

thermal equipment.

Hengrui inorganic ceramic fiber board is made by using Hengrui ceramic fiber and inorganic binding agent through vacuum forming. When using the board under the circumstance of high temperature, the pollution gas will not be generated. 

Products Features

Precise size and smooth surface.

Easy to cut and install, and convenient to construct.

Low impurity content; well-proportioned density and thickness.

Excellent mechanical strength and structural strength.

Low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage.

Ability to resist the scouring of airflow.

Products Applications

Kiln lining of building material industry.

Kiln lining of the industries like petrochemistry, metallurgy, ceramic and glass.

The lining of nonferrous industry for insulation.

Physical Properties of Hengrui Ceramic Fiber Board


u Notes: The result is average value not guarantee value,fluctuate within the standard value, for more details about our products properties or technical support, please contact Hengrui Technical Department. 

Products Specifications

1200*1000*(6-100)mm、1000*600*(6-100)mm、1100*700*(6-100)mm、900*600*(6-100)mm、1200*500*(6-100)mm. We can also make products according to the requirements of customers.

Packing Manner: carton with waterproof membrane, tray, and wooden box.