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Hengrui Ceramic Fiber Felt



Products Introduction

Hengrui ceramic fiber felt is made by wet vacuum forming. The strength of fiber felt is higher than ceramic fiber blanket and lower than ceramic fiber board, and the density is about 220kg/m3, so it can be used in the high-temperature field which has flexible requirements to products.

Products Features

Good flexibility, fine ductile, and long service life.

Low heat capacity and thermal conductivity.

Precise size and smooth surface.

Easy to cut and install, and convenient to construct.

Excellent performance of anti-corrosion.

Well-distributed fiber and stable performance for continuous production.

Fine specification of sound absorption and noise reduction.

Products Applications

Steel industry: the insulation of lining and mold.

Nonferrous industry: the pouring of copper and copper-bearing alloy.

Ceramic industry: internal lining of lightweight kiln car and furnace.

Glass industry: the backlining insulation of molten pool.

Kiln construction: refractory material of internal lining (instead of fiber blanket).

Light industry: combuster lining of industrial and domestic boiler.

Petrochemistry industry: the lining of high-temperature heating furnace.


Physical Properties of Hengrui Ceramic Fiber Felt

Ceramic Fiber FeltHR1050HR1260
Classification Temperature()10501260
Liner Shrinkage(%)(800℃*12h)<2.5(900℃*24h)<2.5
Thermal Conductivity
Chemical Composition

Notes:The result is average value not guarantee value,fluctuate within the standard value, for more details about our products properties or technical support, please contact Hengrui Technical Department.

Products Specifications

600*400*(20-50)mm, 900*600*(20-50)mm. We can also make products according to the requirements of customers.

Packing Manner: carton with waterproof membrane.